Tlilkówatl Armando Victoria

Tlilkówatl Armando Victoria is originally from Mexico City.

He has worked in the newspaper El Financiero and the magazine University of Mexico, among other publications. He is the author of the drama between the river and the beach, under the co-production of the Ford Foundation US. Further, He has been scriptwriter of special radio and television programs for the publishing house Fondo de Cultura Economica (Books thoroughly, Special Quincentennial), and writer-researcher various educational programs of the television station Canal 11 (Sexuality workshop, Healthy body, Consumer Gazette) informative and entertainment programs and TVAzteca (naked city, Saturday unusual, Hello Mexico).

As stage director won the Best Director Award with the piece Crazy Love Comes, in the III Call for MeXXIcano Theater and has been author of shows for theater-bar as Supercuáchara and was girl, the latter under the direction of the renowned stage director Jesusa Rodríguez.

He won the XIII International Short Story Award Max Aub, organized by the Foundation in Segorbe, Spain, with the story entitled The recipe.

In Spain it was published his book of short stories Chronicles navel, by Editorial Foam Pages, currently in its second edition.

In Madrid, He has been writer-researcher for courses and interactive games- Learnings of Management companies, Producer and integration of video game company Electronic Arts, and screenwriter and director of the short film The Door.


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