Team It begins as a personal project Eva Aro, after going through several advertising companies and design their career began performing solo projects design and animation of all kinds, mapping, video and web from 2009.

At 2016 Olivia joins the team Hardy, as support for creating characters and scenes with great sensitivity, used for different projects of animation and video-mapping.

At 2017 We grow by working hand Mercedes and Antonio Puentes Friend, providing knowledge that complement programming and software development. Also they contribute to the project advanced knowledge of 3D dotting the latest works of great realism, coming to develop an app augmented reality early 2018 .

During 2016/2017 We also collaborate with team Interactivas Y AvFloss within MediaLab Prado, in Madrid, doing different projects interactivity, mapping Y 360 videos.

At present we are still experimenting with the most advanced tools for bringing the viewer into a magical world where you can connect emotion and imagination in equal parts. We are a team of professionals based in Madrid working to offer the best service in design, marketing and innovation.


Eva Aro
Eva AroCEO
visual artist specializing in the management and development of multimedia creations, animations, web, mapping and AR and VR applications.
Antonio Bridges
Antonio BridgesProgrammer, 3D visual and general artist.
Passionate about developing content for animation, virtual reality and augmented reality 3D environments.
Olivia G Hardy
Olivia G Hardyvisual artist, illustrator and animator 2D and 3D.
Expert shows the soul of a story through a few strokes and visual reflections unique and personal.
MarchUX designer
web designer, UX, HTML5, CCS3, WordPress, Adobe, 3D.
digital artist, WordPress expert and research and development.
Generating atmospheres html.
Silvia Scipioni
Silvia ScipioniMarketing digital & content creator
Marketing digital & content creator
Soledad Bonnefont
Soledad BonnefontDiseñadora, visual artist and animator
Designer logos, flyers, Illustrations, infografías scientific and technical, You intros and animated 3D and 2D.

We also work with partners according to the requirement of the project.

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