Development Course algorithms and the introduction Javascript in Madrid

All our courses are taught in person and on the street Linnaeus Nº2, 28005, Madrid.

Information and enrollment

In this course you will learn the fundamentals to think like a programmer, You will also learn to solve simple programming problems in a structured way, using Pseudo Code to create algorithms. These basics will help you understand how programming works and therefore,, in the future, you should be able to learn to program in any programming language. At the same time of learning to think like a programmer,, in this course you will also receive an introduction to Javascript, which is one of the most used programming languages nowadays.

Specific objectives of each class will be::

  • Understanding, planning and dividing a programming problem. . 2h
  • Introduction to Javascript. 2h
  • Type of data (Numbers, Integers, Booleans, Strings) y Logic. 2h
  • Arrays y Loops. 2h
  • functions. 2h
  • Creating Algorithms (Pseudo Code). 2h
  • Javascript objects. 2h
  • Form validation with Javascript. 2h
  • Analysis and resolution of doubts webs


students reduced: 8 places. .

Price: 300 € : 300 € Dates: from the 10th May to 28th of June. .

Date: from the 10 May to 28 of June

Schedule: Wednesday of 18:00 a 20:00

Duration: 16 hours course in total..

Teacher: José Paitamala

  • Each student must bring its own laptop.
  • We deliver the agenda from day one.
  • Delivery of diploma course completion.
  • 15 minute break with snacks.

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