Augmented Reality Art Network

In November 2017 We had the opportunity to develop our first application in Apple environment. The application ARAN, whose concept was created by Maite Coloma and Jose Delgado Periñán is an app that uses augmented reality to interact with virtual works of art in real spaces.

It is only available for iPhone models from the SE onwards and IpadPro, You can download here.

The application positions different 3D artworks, in different venues in the city, creating a temporary outdoor exhibition, in this case the first exhibition is set in the center of Madrid. With the application you can guide you to the works and live 3D viewing in different spaces.

For its development we used the tool XCode and language Apple Swift. Complementing it with the library sheets among other.

We hope it will be the first of many exhibitions and a beginning to further develop applications that interact with the real world, filling of art and virtual experiences.

We leave a video explaining the tour of the works.

We also left a link to the inaugural event held in Medialab-Prado, in Madrid.

Time and Umwelt and Aran Project

Aran, The art PokemonGo


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